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Vinsanto Mezzo is practically a Vinsanto of short ageing produced by grapes that sun dried for a shorter period and therefore the wine is lighter in the mouth and the nose.
Vinsanto Mezzo is produced by 80% Assyrtiko, 10% Aidani, 10%, Athiri
Vinsanto mezzo is honey colored and has chocolate, smoke and dried fruits aromas.
Vinification: Sun drying for 6-7 days. Ageing in French oak barrels for 5 years time
Alcohol: 14.0% vol.
Total acidity: 6 g/l
Sugar: 140 g/l
Accompanies: It could be a good companion for desserts made of chocolate or served cold as an aperitif or a digestive drink.
Ageing capacity: long ageing
Serving suggestions: at 6-8 οC

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