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Type of wine: Semi-Sparkling Medium Sweet White Wine.

Varietals: 70% Trebbiano, 30% Muscat.

Vinification Method: Controlled-temperature fermentation in closed tanks for the production of sparkling wine with the presence of fine wine lees.

Alcohol: 10 %

Tasting Notes : Shiny yellow-silver color. Delicate aromas of white-flesh summer fruits and blooming flowers. Rich mouth with playful sparkles and progressive, crispy lemon acidity. Discreet aftertaste of Fayette peaches and freesias.

Aging: Will respond to aging for up to 3 years after harvest.

Perfect Pairing: With an excellent match for fish, gourmet croquettes, fruits, tarts, refreshing light desserts and ice cream. It is also an excellent aperitif.

Serving Temperature: 7-8oC.

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