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PLOMARI is a feast!

It is an everyday celebration,
laughter, the cutlery and all these small plates compose the everyday melody

Welcome in Plomari

Enjoy our modern inspirations that are coupled with the PLOMARI classics.
Create your own Menu with our a la Card chart.

We are happy to serve you

Remember how you felt,
not just what you ate

The menu changes according to the time of the year and the evolution of our cuisine. It is divided as follow:


Daily Specials

Vegetarischer Moussaka7,90€
Geschichtetes Gemüse mit Hartkäse obendrauf
Gambas Pfänchen9,90€
sautierte Gambas in Olivenöl Kräutern flambiert auf Ouzo abgelöschst
Meeresfrüchte Pfänchen9,90€
Indentisch wie das Phänchen nur mit Oktopus,Calamari,Gambas,fischfilet!!!
Oktopussalat7,90 €
Oktopusscheiben in Olivenöl und Balsamico eingelegt auf Wildkräuternsalat
3-4 verschiedene Dessert wie Baklava,Galaktompoureko,Kataifi,und die Frucht Quite dazu mit Eis und Sahne Obst verfeinert


Wine and Spirits

Local wines accompany our food, so our guests can choose a good wine in the bottle

Plomari is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 18:00. Kitchen is open until 23:00. On Monday is closed. Come join us!
For reservations, please call +49-178-77-50-336.

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